Monday, April 19

Still here...just on facebook

Jean 1 and Jean 2 are still kicking...yes we are. We have simply found that most of our friends are also on facebook, so we migrated.
Recently, we have been asked if we are still running "A Pair of Jeans" we're asking you...stick with facebook or are you missing us too dearly? :)
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Tuesday, July 21

Destin, Florida...2009

Sunday, May 3

PROM 2009

Okay, so it has been WAY too long since I have posted. So much going on...all good things for the most part. My daughter J and her boyfriend were chosen as the Freshman couple to work the Junior/Senior prom at their HS. They did have to work, but they also were able to enjoy the benefits of prom. :)

Saturday, February 7


Sunday, February 1

My gals! I love them all!

I have discovered FACEBOOK and I am loving it...I am in touch with some people from my past...bringing back a flood of memories! :) I have also figured out more about pics! So I am going to try to upload one to the blog.
Erica, do you know which one my baby girl is?? Guess! :)
They are all beautiful and talented girls I must say...everywhere we go I think we have the prettiest cheer squad! WE ROCK!

Sunday, January 25

Things you need to know...or maybe not! :)

Still in jammies. Loving it. Although, I am okay with the cold weather as long as I have my fire and books and an occasional snow day...even I am finding myself ready for flip flops and toe nail polish.
Update on my life: I now have a facebook. I like it. I do think I would like myspace better but my kiddo would prefer I don't have one although I check hers periodically. Trying to give her SOME space. :)
Daughter J was one of seven in entire HS to be on the superintendents honor roll! :) She rocks!
Still loving my blackberry. Learning new things about it.
Cheerleaders getting ready for homecoming. That is taking some time.
Hubby and I have had some tough times. Who doesn't? But, we have had a WAMMY to deal with this month. He loves me, that is for sure. God love him!
I am really into reading Jodi Picoult. I just finished "The Pact" and "The Perfect Match." She is a talented author.
Recently checked out: "Song of Redemption" by Lynn Austin
"Rain" by V.C. Andrews
"4th of July" by James Patterson
"My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult
" I Dare You" by Joyce Meyers.
"Dashing Through The Snow" by Mary Higgins Clark/Carol Higgins Clark
Come on...just ONE more snow day!

Sunday, January 4

Smart phone for a SMART woman...

That's right! I now have the BLACKBERRY CURVE! Woo-hoo! My contract was up and I took the bullet and have no regrets. I loved my razr. Always dependable and I was in fear of change. But once the change was made...only better things on the horizon for me!
If you know anything about the BLACKBERRY CURVE, feel free to enlighten me. Step daughter H also got one. We can help each other as we go...that is the deal. She sold her soul to me since I am the reason she basically has one! I will use the leverage wisely. First, by hopefully getting some respect. Anybody a step parent out there? God loves you!
As mentioned in previous blog, I had a fabulous Christmas. My hubby was very thoughtful with his gifts as was my daughter. I feel like I did a great job of shopping for my loved ones as well. We are truly blessed in this house!

I go back to work tomorrow...all I have to say to that is....

Thursday, January 1

2009! WOW!

I, for one, have had a fabulous two week break. I have caught up with some old friends...seen movies...and just relaxed. It has been blissful. The first uninterrupted break I have had in a long time. No games, conferences, deadlines, or practices.
Tomorrow is back to work for the teachers! The kids resume school on Monday.
I am not ready. :(

No New Year's Resolution to share...just hoping it is an even better year than 2008. :)

Sunday, December 28

Merry Kiss-Moose...

I waited to post our Christmas card because I wanted to make sure that it was a surprise to all the friends and family to who I was sending the card. For the rest of the blogosphere, I now take a moment to say Merry Christmas (three days late but felt in heart Christmas day).

Our family had a nice Christmas, it was quiet and peaceful. Each of the kids and my husband really enjoyed their gifts and I am thankful for the thoughts that went into mine ;) I do not need anything anyway, to my heart remains thankful even if the gifts fell a little short of "right". I do know that deep hearts and loving minds were involved in each item given. For me it is truly more enjoyable to give than to receive....and it was so much fun to watch my kids squeal with delight and joy.

I pray that your Christmas was joyful and full of the love that is central to the celebration of the day.

Sincerely, Jean 1

Sunday, November 30


Happy Sigh! Last year I blogged about "Operation Spending Money Mode" and how my hubby and I were going to try to stretch out the shopping experience the next year. Guess what? That year is here and guess what we did....GOT IT DONE! We once again did BLACK FRIDAY without getting up early, saw FOUR CHRISTMASES (hilarious) and the next day, summed it up! ;) I can't say I am sad about it...with time being a luxury this year.
I may or may not have mentioned that I am the HS cheer coach this year...if I haven't, it is simply due to lack of excitement. I love the cheerleaders and it has been a fabulous opportunity for me and proud to have done it. However, I will never do it again.
Update: They did place 4th out of 15 squads in their division at State this year! They performed a flawless routine. Very impressive.
Games start this week. That means for me....NO. LIFE.
That's right. Am I complaining? Maybe so. I know I would go to all of the games anyway as a cheer mom, but it OH.SO. DIFFERENT. as the coach!
Anyway...I calmly explained to my hubby how the schedule would be from here on we put our shopping shoes on and in no hurry...with much love, time, and creativity...finished it!
Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Family at our house. Extremely nice. A grand time.
I am happy to say that we have the Christmas spirit and are ready to dive in to the dinners, family, friends, and have a grand time! I bought the new book by Rick Warren..."The Purpose of Christmas." I loved the "Purpose Driven Life."
How about you? How are your Christmases going?
Oh yeah-Twilight fans...I absolutely loved the movie! Ready for "New Moon."