Sunday, November 30


Happy Sigh! Last year I blogged about "Operation Spending Money Mode" and how my hubby and I were going to try to stretch out the shopping experience the next year. Guess what? That year is here and guess what we did....GOT IT DONE! We once again did BLACK FRIDAY without getting up early, saw FOUR CHRISTMASES (hilarious) and the next day, summed it up! ;) I can't say I am sad about it...with time being a luxury this year.
I may or may not have mentioned that I am the HS cheer coach this year...if I haven't, it is simply due to lack of excitement. I love the cheerleaders and it has been a fabulous opportunity for me and proud to have done it. However, I will never do it again.
Update: They did place 4th out of 15 squads in their division at State this year! They performed a flawless routine. Very impressive.
Games start this week. That means for me....NO. LIFE.
That's right. Am I complaining? Maybe so. I know I would go to all of the games anyway as a cheer mom, but it OH.SO. DIFFERENT. as the coach!
Anyway...I calmly explained to my hubby how the schedule would be from here on we put our shopping shoes on and in no hurry...with much love, time, and creativity...finished it!
Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Family at our house. Extremely nice. A grand time.
I am happy to say that we have the Christmas spirit and are ready to dive in to the dinners, family, friends, and have a grand time! I bought the new book by Rick Warren..."The Purpose of Christmas." I loved the "Purpose Driven Life."
How about you? How are your Christmases going?
Oh yeah-Twilight fans...I absolutely loved the movie! Ready for "New Moon."

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Erica said...

I've missed you! I'm glad you got your shopping done. Is the difference between coach and cheer mom, that you have to go to all games vs. having a choice to gracefully stay at home? I am not looking forward to winter sports. I don't like leaving my house in the winter ;0) Here is to a nice relaxing Christmas!

Jean 1 said...

wow...I cannot believe that I typed a really long comment the other day and just looked and saw that it's not here. Oh well! Summed up...congrats, way to go, did you buy me anything, have a great month, let's get together! :)