Sunday, January 25

Things you need to know...or maybe not! :)

Still in jammies. Loving it. Although, I am okay with the cold weather as long as I have my fire and books and an occasional snow day...even I am finding myself ready for flip flops and toe nail polish.
Update on my life: I now have a facebook. I like it. I do think I would like myspace better but my kiddo would prefer I don't have one although I check hers periodically. Trying to give her SOME space. :)
Daughter J was one of seven in entire HS to be on the superintendents honor roll! :) She rocks!
Still loving my blackberry. Learning new things about it.
Cheerleaders getting ready for homecoming. That is taking some time.
Hubby and I have had some tough times. Who doesn't? But, we have had a WAMMY to deal with this month. He loves me, that is for sure. God love him!
I am really into reading Jodi Picoult. I just finished "The Pact" and "The Perfect Match." She is a talented author.
Recently checked out: "Song of Redemption" by Lynn Austin
"Rain" by V.C. Andrews
"4th of July" by James Patterson
"My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult
" I Dare You" by Joyce Meyers.
"Dashing Through The Snow" by Mary Higgins Clark/Carol Higgins Clark
Come on...just ONE more snow day!

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Erica said...

We haven't had one snow day! :( I am still in my jammies too. Now I'm thinking why bother? We have watched movies all day and hung out. Did you like "My Sister's Keeper" I pick it up, and put it back. Can't make up my mind.