Sunday, February 1

My gals! I love them all!

I have discovered FACEBOOK and I am loving it...I am in touch with some people from my past...bringing back a flood of memories! :) I have also figured out more about pics! So I am going to try to upload one to the blog.
Erica, do you know which one my baby girl is?? Guess! :)
They are all beautiful and talented girls I must say...everywhere we go I think we have the prettiest cheer squad! WE ROCK!

4 Commenting on your genius-ness:

Erica said...

Ok I am guessing front row, center. Or possibly the second row on the end at the right of the picture. They are all beautiful. Who is on you squad?

Erica said...

I take back my second guess. Sticking with front row center, and if that is not your daughter then you have someone who resembles you;)

Jean 1 said...

Your team is cute. I'm glad you have fulfilled your dreams of being swathed in cheer you can move on to other areas of "missed glory". :)

Jean 2 said...

Oh Jean1 stopped saying that already! :) I have decided I just MIGHT stay on another year! HA!
And yes were right. Front row center is my beautiful daughter! :) hee hee